About The Silence

The Silence by Mark Alpert

When Adam Armstrong joined the Pioneer program, he became one of six teenagers to forfeit their human bodies for a new, digital existence inside weaponized U.S. Army robots. Together, the Pioneers saved the world from Sigma, an artificial-intelligence system that threatened to exterminate the human race. But they were more than a team―they were family. Until now.

During the final battle against Sigma, Adam developed a fearsome new power that defied the very laws of physics. He wasn't programmed to have this power, and he can barely control it. The other Pioneers are afraid of him now, and he's never felt more alone. But Amber Wilson, the newest Pioneer, knows what it’s like to be an outsider. She gets Adam in a way the others don't.

Except Amber has a secret. She’s not who she claims to be. Her software has been corrupted, and until Adam figures out exactly what she's become, the Pioneers―and the world―are in mortal danger.

The new threat is the Silence, an entity that baffles Adam because it’s more of an absence than a presence. It’s a foretaste of doom, a harbinger of annihilation. While Adam struggles to repair his friendships with the other Pioneers and save the life of Brittany Taylor -- his only remaining friend from his days as a biological human -- the Silence lurks in the background, waiting to destroy him and everything he loves.

Like the previous books in The Six trilogy, The Silence weaves real scientific facts into the fiction. The story takes readers on a fantastic journey that ranges from the deserts of New Mexico to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, from the cockpit of a B-2 Stealth bomber to a microscopic machine navigating the blood vessels of the brain. The Pioneers show their courage in new ways and new places, proving that you don’t need a human body to be human.

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