About The Omega Theory

The Omega Theory Cover

For nearly a century, scientists have pursued the holy grail of physics, the elegant and all-encompassing Theory of Everything that would explain all the forces of Nature. But what if the Theory of Everything also reveals how to destroy the universe? This is the premise of Mark Alpert's new science thriller, The Omega Theory.

The Omega Theory brings back science historian David Swift and quantum physicist Monique Reynolds, the heroes of Alpert's international bestselling debut, Final Theory. The sequel opens with the news that Iran has tested a nuclear bomb. But this blast is far more dangerous than any previous nuke. It triggers a fundamental disruption in space and time, something that hasn't occurred anywhere in the universe since the Big Bang started 14 billion years ago. Meanwhile, David and Monique learn that their adopted son Michael—an autistic genius descended from Albert Einstein—has been kidnapped by a militia of religious fanatics called the True Believers. Joining forces with the FBI, David and Monique race from New York City to the Old City of Jerusalem and the deserts of Turkmenistan, in pursuit of the cult army and its messianic leader, who plan to use the Theory of Everything to hasten the apocalypse.


What's At the Nucleus of THE OMEGA THEORY?